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Kristina I trust 100%! She's a rare combination of a SEO person that also understands code and can help communicate with developers and tell them exactly what they need to do to fix any technical SEO issues.
Lyamen Savy

Lyamen Savy
— Founder and CEO, 321 Ignition.

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Become an Advanced Technical SEO Professional

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Tech SEO Pro is everything I hoped it would be and more. I wish I could have begun my SEO education with this course. It covers everything you need to know to make sure a website is functioning properly, and understood by Google. This course was an invaluable investment in my career. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Sarah Lea

Sarah Lea
— SEO Specialist, Tech SEO Pro student.

I’ve taken a ton of SEO courses. Yours are the best hands down. It’s super focused and what I most appreciate is that you don’t waste our time. You get right to it in every lesson. Thank you! And what’s great is you also keep it enjoyable with relevant examples and your enthusiasm and your fun sayings and metaphors. You’re a great teacher and I know my clients are going to get even better service now. Whoop!
Angela McCallum

Angela McCallum
— SEO-friendly Website Migrations student.


Are you facing any of these issues in your SEO career?

You’re struggling with that imposter syndrome when you need to look at the code or talk to developers

You’ve been told that learning coding is the only way to succeed in technical SEO. And you don’t have time for that

You’re scared of making a mistake, so you’re passing on any opportunities that require technical SEO skills

You’re constantly looking for validation for your opinion from your colleagues in any technical SEO question

You’re good at content SEO, but you feel terrified every time you need to find or talk about a technical SEO issue

You waste hours searching for technical SEO answers online. And you end up even more overwhelmed by the conflicting advice you get. 

If any of these scenarios sound like you, you're in the right place.

Kristina Azarenko: SEO Consultant and Tech SEO Coach

10+ years of SEO and digital marketing experience to help you get confident in your Technical SEO skills

I’m Kristina Azarenko — International speaker, Linkedin Learning instructor, and experienced SEO expert.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years in the world of SEO.

→ Conducted website audits
→ Managed website migrations
→ Implemented redirects, canonicals, meta robots tags…
→ Created SEO documentation for custom websites
→ Developed technical SEO frameworks for a content management system empowering hundreds of websites

And I’ve done it all without writing a single line of “code”.

I developed the “TSP Method” as a more effective way for SEOs like you to gain confidence in your technical SEO skills so you can be fully prepared for any job interview or technical SEO project.

I wasn’t born with technical SEO skills and I don’t have a web development or coding background.

I’m like you — I just started earlier.

I love technical SEO, and I’ll show you how to master it so you can feel more confident to take on complex projects.

I 100% recommend it. Easily the best tech SEO course on the market whether you’re a beginner or have some advanced knowledge. You will learn a ton!
Peter Rota

Peter Rota
— Senior Technical SEO Manager · Tech SEO Pro student.

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It is worth every penny! The course offers in-depth tutorials, practical examples, and interactive exercises that facilitate a deep understanding of technical SEO concepts.
Evgenia Pershina

Evgenia Pershina
— SEO Assistant · ✔️ Tech SEO Pro student.

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