Hi, I’m Kristina.

I’m absolutely in love with all things digital marketing. One of my favorite things is digging into websites to find search engine optimization issues that should be solved.
But I also have a more complete recipe for you!

Take 3 table spoons of on-page SEO, add 2 pinches of backlinks and sprinkle it all with paid advertising (definitely AdWords. Bing and social advertising are optional and their usage depends on the taste you are willing to achieve). Season to taste with actionable data from Analytics and bake until golden brown. Serve hot.
I’ve cooked this digital marketing dish many times, and I am damn good at it.

Some more insights about me:

• I have both agency and client-side experience
• 5+ years in eCommerce SEO and advertising
• Also worked for lead-generation businesses in financial, education, software and other spheres
• Created and maintained an AdWords account with 1044% ROI
• Removed 100% of duplicate content for one eCommerce client (did I mention that duplicate content is one of my favorite topics?)
• Increased rankings for thousands of keywords across different niches
• Wrote a lot for different websites, you can find the links in My Publications
• Certified in Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing
• Moved to live on another continent
• Love dogs but currently don’t have one