Freelancing Freedom Course

Your Path to a Successful Freelancing Career

Get a shortcut to working with better clients who respect you and pay what you’re worth.

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Freelancing Freedom Course
Freelancing Freedom Course

So you left your job to start a business. Now what? 

You quit your job because you wanted to change this world, get more control over your paycheck and help clients using your expertise and the skills you’ve been building for a long time. 

You’re excited and eager to start making a real difference. 

But then something happens…

You suddenly find yourself having 10 bosses instead of the one you left

…each of them requests something from you all the time. 

You have no idea what to do, how to make people value and respect your expertise. How to stop them from doubting your prices and asking for discounts from you? And how to price your services to be profitable in the first place?

You know you are competent

You know you can help people

You know you are worth that price you quoted (and even more!). 

But you feel so discouraged as clients just don’t seem to value what you offer. It’s sucking all the energy and is not fun at all. 

It’s time to change it!

It’s time to put your CEO hat on and take the lead!

It’s time to change your mindset about freelancing and become a real business owner. 

Claim your expertise and be seen as a trusted adviser rather than just one more pair of hands. 

You will need TWO MAIN THINGS  to do it:


Get rid of the limiting beliefs that stop you from being seen as the EXPERT you truly are. 


It’s not enough to just think of yourself the right way. You will also need to act accordingly. That’s where theory and practice meet and form the conditions where your success is inevitable. 

Freelancing Freedom Course Overview

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What Freelancing Freedom Includes

The Freelancing Freedom course is a toolkit that will teach you the main things you need to know to be seen as an expert and paid what you’re worth. 

Part 1: The Mindset Shift

Here you’ll make the key shifts from the employee to CEO mindset. 

You will see what’s holding you back, get the exact steps to set yourself free and start attracting better clients like a magnet. 

Freelancing Freedom - Part 1

Part 2: Master Sales Calls

You are in business to be profitable, not waste your time on people who won’t buy from you. In this part, I’ll teach you how to qualify prospects and position yourself as the expert you are.

Freelancing Freedom - Part 2

Part 3: Price to Get Paid What You’re Worth

Stop undervaluing yourself and undercharging. You will learn the exact steps to pricing your projects profitably. Additionally, you’ll get practical tips on how to avoid late payments. 

Freelancing Freedom - Part 3

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Course 

  • A very important step you need to make as it defines your success and happiness as a freelancer (I don’t see people talking about it)
  • How your personality can help you form your unique value proposition
  • The main secret behind attracting clients like a magnet (you can do it too!)
  • One of the most valuable business skills that will save you lots of time and help your business be more profitable 
  • How to define your ideal client AND how to qualify people quickly
  • The real purpose of a sales call (it’s not what most people think)
  • How to lead sales calls confidently (even if you hate selling) 
  • Why you’re penalizing yourself by charging hourly and what you should do instead to be profitable
  • The tip that will save you headaches and this awful feeling of underselling yourself (so many people forget about it!)
  • The most common pricing mistake people make after quitting their job and starting freelancing
  • The key to being paid on time for the work you do

And so much more!

$397 $0

Freelancing Freedom - Review

Freelancing Freedom Course is for You If:

  • You have strong hard skills and expertise in your niche
  • You can bring results to your clients
  • You value honest and transparent relationships with clients and want to be a trusted adviser
  • You want to work with better clients who appreciate you

If you just started your freelancing journey, this course will help you avoid the mistakes ALL freelancers make at the beginning and will speed up your path to freelancing freedom. 

If you’re a seasoned freelancer, this course will help you identify the blind spots and see how small improvements will bring you big results and will open the doors to working with better clients. 

It might be EXACTLY what you NEED to hear right now. 

$397 $0

About the Author

Meet Kristina Azarenko

I’m an SEO Consultant and founder of MarketingSyrup Digital Inc. 

I started my freelancing business a few years ago without any business experience. I made so many mistakes I wish I’d avoided. 

But I also learned from them. That’s what makes my course very practical and helpful. 

I went from being afraid of sales calls and money conversations to confidently presenting myself, my services and winning big contracts. It helped me to quickly scale my business to multiple 6 figures.

I’ll teach you the things I wish I had when I started. And I’m 100% confident they will help you succeed faster.

Kristina Azarenko