To update your personal information such as name, business name, email, and address or to update your card billing details, you need to visit the customer hub. 

It’s very convenient if you didn’t include the business name during checkout and now need it for accounting purposes. No worries, we got you covered!

Access link at the bottom of your purchase invoice

  • Search for “MarketingSyrup Digital Inc.: Invoice” in the email you used to purchase our course. 
  • Open the email with the invoice and scroll down. 
  • At the bottom of your invoice, you’ll see a link saying “Click here to manage your billing details and view purchase history”:
manage billing details
  • This link will take you directly to the page where you can update/edit your details. Please save this receipt for future access.
  • If you have enabled recurring payment invoices to be sent, the link is also included in those receipts too.

Once you have access to the customer hub, at the top will be a summary of your details along with a button saying “Update my info”.

update my info button

Clicking this button will then open a modal window with your personal details, and the ability to update any card details you have used or add a business name:

edit custom fields

To add a business name, just fill in the respective field. 

To edit card details, click the ‘update’ button and then these fields will become active.

After updating any of your information, click the Save changes button and the system will update.

Re-generate the invoice

If you need to re-generate the invoice, click the “one-time purchases” or “payment plans” depending on the type of payment option you used.

purchase type

Then, click on “view invoice” for the product you would like the updated invoice for.

view invoice button

You will then be able to preview the updated invoice. Click “email a copy of this invoice” to receive a PDF of the updated invoice sent to your email.

email copy of invoice button

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