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Search Engine Optimization is the best way to attract consistent traffic and new users to a website. It’s also a great online career and the skill to get any of your projects off the ground.

16 hours of value-packed videos
45-day learning plan
6 Live calls

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This SEO Course is definitely for you if:

  • You have a list of SEO posts to read, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to… but you never start as you’re confused where this START is
  • Can’t answer SEO-related questions your potential customers or boss ask so you lose potential promotion and growth opportunities 
  • You work with SEO vendors and are not sure if they really deliver what you pay them for or if you’re getting ripped off
  • You’ve been doing SEO for a while and even saw results but don’t know how to take it to a new level
  • You try that new SEO tool that experts recommend but it doesn’t make any difference
  • You wander through forums, thread after thread to find the answers for hours… but you end up even more confused than at the beginning

Oh I feel you! There’s SO MUCH information out there! When I google [SEO], there’re 655,000,000 results, and it’s just in English!

You would need 10 lives to read all this. The worst thing? More than half of this info is either garbage or outdated! It means that 5-6 of your lives would just be wasted (if you even had an opportunity to spend them!). But you just don’t have this time!

I got you covered: I distilled my 10 years of hands-on experience so that you can learn from it and save time.

This is not your usual theoretical super basic SEO course which tells you some ‘whats’ but never goes into the ‘hows’. Forget this BS, the SEO Challenge is completely different. It will make you a real SEO professional.

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    What students are saying about the SEO Challenge Course

    This is not the course I put together overnight. It’s a comprehensive training program that has been around since 2019. Many students have already learned SEO from me since then. Check out their reviews!

    I took Kristina’s course to acquire SEO skills.

    Signing up for this 30-day SEO challenge, I didn’t expect I would learn so much. During the course Kristina makes sure that you practice what you learn right away: she provides tons of videos, examples and homework. I hope Kristina will launch another even more advanced SEO course, I’d be happy to take it.

    Alyona Kalachova, Marketing Specialist
    Alyona Kalachova, Marketing Specialist
    I had recently landed a new job as a digital marketer, and although I had previously studied marketing in university; given the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, I felt it was necessary to enhance my skills and fill in knowledge gaps so that I could be a more proficient SEO specialist. Kristina’s SEO course helped to strengthen my foundational SEO knowledge. Each module in the course is simplified making it very palatable for all learners. Whether you are new to SEO or at an intermediate level, I highly recommend that you give this course a try.
    Kerry Lee Mayers, SEO & PPC Specialist
    Kerry Lee Mayers, SEO & PPC Specialist
    SEO Challenge course review

    Let’s be honest: this might not be your first try to learn SEO.

    You’ve read many posts and even completed a few courses. But this puzzle just doesn’t fit in together. 

    This is not your fault!

    I’ve been there as well! Reading countless SEO blog posts, forum threads and watching videos. I even had to take time off from my work when I was learning SEO. My browser occasionally crushed as it couldn’t handle that many opened tabs… 🙁

    But no matter how I tried, I still felt that I was missing something. The key ingredient that would bring everything together.

    And I FOUND IT! 


    It took me several years to figure it out. But I DID. And I’ll share it with you.

    But first, let me ask you a question:

    Do you want to take your income to the next level?

    Cause if you don’t, I can’t help you with anything.

    But if the answer is ‘YES’, then I’ll have a challenge for you! The challenge will transform you and help you achieve things like:

    • Getting a promotion and salary increase at your job
    • Finding a new job easily (and saying ‘bye-bye’ to the boss you hate)
    • Charging more for your services (if you’re a designer or a developer, adding SEO basics to your services makes you so much more valuable!)
    • Getting peace of mind as you’ll know which questions you should ask the SEO vendors to make sure they are legitimate
    • Saving time on finding the pieces of information across the Internet (you’d better spend this time with your family and friends, it’s more fun!).

    The Answer you need

    Remember I told you I’d found the KEY Ingredient that helps to solve the SEO puzzle?

    Actually, there are 3 aspects of the answer:

    Structure, Mindset and Guidance!

    The STRUCTURE helps you understand how the pieces (skills!) match together. 

    The MINDSET helps you use the skills properly. 

    The GUIDANCE helps you align skills and mindset.

    In this SEO Course, you’ll get all 3 keys! 

    I will teach you the 20% that’s going to give you 80% of the results. You will be super-efficient with your energy, focus and effort. Many times when people talk about SEO, they either make it complicated, or they only teach you link-building. While this is useful information (and better than not having anything), you need to follow a proven process in a way that helps you to scale!

    In this SEO Course you get ALL OF THIS:

    • 16 hours of on-demand training so you can learn at the time that works best for you
    • A 45-day learning plan so that you’ll have a clear path and accountability
    • Homework: quizzes and exercises so you will learn SEO by doing SEO.
    • 6 Live coaching calls so that you’ll have me standing by your side.
    • VIP Slack Community. You’ll get free access to all the new training videos I’ll be adding to this SEO course

    Bonus 1:

    • A list of SEO add-on that will save you HOURS! They will let you analyze a page in a few minutes.

    Bonus 2:

    • A list of the best SEO blogs and podcasts to always stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the SEO world.

    Bonus 3:

    • A Content and Technical SEO Audit checklist. Just copy and use it!

    Bonus 4:

    Access to the SEO Library of documents you can use to be more efficient: templates, cheat sheets, checklist. The Library will be updated regularly, and you will have access to all the new files as well.

    Join the Waitlist Today!

    The previous intake was sold out. But I’m opening a new one soon! Join the waitlist to be the first to notified + get a FREE list of 23 Core SEO skills!

      Why Learn SEO?

      Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of any website. If done right, it:

      • provides consistent traffic and sales
      • works for you 24/7
      • saves money on ads

      Your skills are your ASSETS!

      And according to the recent Microsoft study, SEO is the most important hard skill for marketers. Wow, that’s pretty huge:


      This SEO Challenge Course is Perfect For:

      • Marketing generalists who want to get a promotion or get a specialization
      • Designers, developers who create websites and want to charge higher for their services
      • Business owners who want to understand how to choose SEO vendors and get real results from them
      • Senior marketers, marketing agency owners who want to save time training their junior employees: you just get this SEO course and I train them
      • Entrepreneurs who want to save money and do SEO themselves whether for their affiliate websites, eCommerce stores or company site

      Yeah, that’s me! I’m ready to uplevel

      Now imagine… After the Challenge, you’ll become a completely different person…

      Things you’ll learn and will be able to do after the challenge:

      • Optimize websites for search engines. That is the main purpose, right? But wait, there’s much more!
      • You’ll get the right MINDSET which will help you succeed in the SEO career
      • The ONLY formula you’ll need to SEO any website
      • Save money on SEO services as you’ll be able to do SEO yourself
      • Understand how to get traffic to your affiliate website
      • Earn more as you will add SEO to your services
      • You’ll learn how to borrow your competitors’ traffic… without returning it 
      • How exactly use keywords in the content
      • KPIs you should optimize for and report on
      • … and more!

      And of course, you will be sure that no matter what, you’ll have a skill that will feed you.

      What students are saying about the SEO Challenge

      This is not the course I put together overnight. It’s a comprehensive training program that has been around since 2019. Many students have already learned SEO from me since then. Check out their reviews!

      seo challenge review
      I took Kristina’s SEO Challenge because I think understanding SEO is one of the most critical paths to success for any business. Even though I won’t be performing SEO work myself, understanding how it’s used, how to measure it objectively, and what tools we need was an absolute must in helping me understand where to focus our company’s marketing efforts. My favorite part of the course was that it offers concrete and practical suggestions for things like software and toolbars, how to set up monitor SEO efforts, and what factors are most relevant to focus on. There’s a lot of noise and theories about SEO out there – as someone who was tired of diving through Yahoo Answer and Reddit threads, this help me cut through it. I absolutely recommend the course, either for someone wanting to learn more about SEO for their own career path or for those who want to better support the marketing agencies they collaborate with.
      Hannah Lodge, Vice President at ALTA Language Services, Inc.

      Yeah, I am so ready for this!

      A sneak peek of the SEO Challenge modules 

      Part 1: Pre-Training

      Learn how to start a site from scratch and set up the 2 free tools you’ll absolutely need along the way.

      Part 2: SEO Value

      What is SEO
      What SEO is NOT
      SEO vs PPC… or why you don’t need traffic

      Part 3: Search Engines & Algorithms

      Learn what exactly Google cares about on your website and how to survive with all these algorithms changes.

      Part 4: Keywords

      Learn how to find the best keywords but not to be obsessed over them.

      Part 5: On-Site SEO

      The 2 types of pages each website has.
      The 6 elements you’ll need to make your page relevant.

      Part 6: Content

      Learn the 3 Ws you need to keep in mind while developing your content.
      + a blueprint of keywords usage without being spammy.

      Part 7: Technical SEO

      Everything you need to know to make sure that search engines index the pages you need and don’t index the pages you want to hide.

      Part 8: Google Search Console

      How to correctly read the reports, find underperforming content and improve it.
      And the 2 things you absolutely don’t need to do in this tool.

      Part 9: Mobile SEO

      What is mobile-first indexing and what it means for your SEO.

      Part 10: Off-site SEO aka Link-building

      Why you need links and how to build them without spamming everybody.

      Part 11: How to measure SEO

      How to use the tools you already have to transform numbers into SEO value. You’ll also get reporting templates!

      Part 12: SEO Trends You Should Know

      SEO is changing. What you need to know to succeed in the next few years.

      learning plan

      Part 13: How to Land an SEO Job

      Get actionable tips on how to look for a job and go through the job interview seamlessly.


      What students are saying about the SEO Challenge

      seo challenge review

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      Your teacher – Kristina Azarenko

      Kristina Azarenko - SEO Speaker
      • 10+ years of hands-on SEO experience
      • Women in Tech SEO community member
      • A speaker on the Women in Tech SEO Festival
      • Was featured in the Search Engine Land post among the 13 women shaping the SEO field
      • Did corporate SEO workshops for companies in Toronto
      • Teacher by education (and this doesn’t let me go, I love teaching!)

      I started like you. But almost 10 years ago.

      During this time I was happy to work with many small, medium and enterprise companies based in the USA, UK, Canada and other countries.

      Seen on such websites as…

      business com logo search engine land logo brainsin logo semrush logo ecommerce platforms logo advanced web ranking logo content king logo instantshift logo sitepronews logo

      Why am I sharing the SEO secrets with you?

      I remember my first SEO job. I was a complete newbie, I didn’t know what all these big words mean and I have no clue how to do a technical SEO audit.

      And there was one guy who was assigned to me to help me get a grasp of how they did SEO. I picked up the basics pretty quickly and a few weeks later I could complete some basic SEO tasks. A few months later I was already training new (and old) employees. I was so passionate that I learned and learned SEO and gave what I learned to people.

      I still remember that guy who helped me when I started and I’m very thankful to him. Maybe that’s why I tried to help every new SEO employee who came to the company I was working for at that moment. I love it when people are eager to learn and are ready to listen and ask questions.

      To be honest, at first, I was working on a different course (I’ll make it as well next year!). But one day 2 (!) different people reached out to me asking the same question: If I provide SEO training. Now I do!

      I’m soooo ready for this!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      I already know a few things about SEO. Should I still join?

      The short answer is yes!

      I initially wanted to create a course for complete beginners. But I included so many advanced techniques and tips on how huge companies are succeeding in Google search right now, that the SEO Challenge has become something much bigger than just a beginner course with boring basics.

      Many of my students have already learned SEO somewhere else or started working as SEOs before coming to me. And they left with a bag of actionable SEO knowledge.

      How will this SEO challenge Course work?

      You will have access to the learning platform where all lessons and other materials are found. You can access it at any time.

      Will this course work for WordPress

      The Course works for any content management system, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, etc.

      Can I find all this for free?

      You can find the information online, we’re in the 21st century 🙂 But it’ll take you months to get through all garbage to see the gems.

      I’ll offer you shortcuts and frameworks that will help you save time. Time is money, right? If I save you 5 years of learning. how much money would it save you?

      Do you give any guarantees?

      I can guarantee that I’ll do my best to provide you with all the information and tools for you to succeed. The rest depends on you.

      I don’t have a website. Should I buy the course?

      Yes, many people who sign up don’t have websites. But I always recommend getting one as this is the best way to learn. That’s why in the Pre-Training part I give you clear instructions on how to do it.