SEO Shop Up – How Food Containers Can Help You with Website Migrations

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I have a good reminder and a life lesson for you today.

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The other day I was packing some food to take with me on a long and fun trip. As I finished putting the food in a container, I realized that the container was too big (and I had no intention to carry this extra weight on the trip ?). 

So I found another container. It was nice and new, and I was so excited to finally use it!

I moved the food from the huge container to the smaller one. Everything looked perfect… till the moment I tried to close the new container. Of course, it wouldn’t close, it was too small.

What’s the problem here (except for the fact that I had to move the food back)? 

I decided that something was not good enough for me and chased something that seemed to match properly without verifying it first. 

That’s what often happens with website migrations: when a website A is migrated to a website B, people sometimes forget that the latter must be good enough to rank high on Google. It’s so easy to put all the attention into the right redirects, crawls, and errors that the quality of the final destination – the website B – is overlooked.

Common scenarios why the destination website needs attention:

  • A completely changed website structure (without any previous research)
  • Technical issues (e.g. internal links don’t work) 
  • Significant design changes that can potentially make website pages less competitive on Google (e.g. more image-based content vs text-based content) 
  • Not optimized meta data.

All this influences the success of your website migration. 

So one more time: 

Before pulling the trigger, make sure that the destination website is good enough:

Website migration

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Let’s summarize:
A reminder for you: Always make sure that the destination website is good enough before migrating to it. 
A life lesson: Choose food containers of the right size that fits your meal.