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See the data you can rely on! Know which channels really drive your revenue.

This Google Analytics Audit will help you see a much better picture of what’s happening on your website and which sources really contribute to leads and sales. You will also be able to see the data without any bots or spammy visits which usually skew your reporting. (Yeah, Google Analytics reporting has all kinds of spammy visits by default).

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Why You Might Need a Google Analytics Audit

Are you sure your business decisions are based on the correct data? Are you sure that:

Analytics Audit MarketingSyrup
  • You rely on meaningful data
  • Your traffic is attributed to the right channels and campaigns
  • You are tracking the right goals
  • The reason why I’m offering this service is because I’ve encountered many situations when people worked hard but still couldn’t see the results from particular channels just because their Google Analytics reporting was misconfigured!

Are you sure yours is not?

Here are just a few examples of what I’ve discovered during the previous Google Analytics audits:

  • An SEO issue that was costing $$$ every month on an enterprise website
  • Duplicate eCommerce conversions
  • Misconfigured events and goals which resulted in poor business decisions
  • Pages with missing tracking codes
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    Let me check Your GA

    What I check

    Tracking code

    In order to collect the data properly, you need a tracking code to be placed on all pages on your website in the right place. I’ll make sure it’s done correctly on your website.


    This includes filters, views, content grouping, referral exclusion and more

    Data Collection

    Raw data, spam in traffic, personally identifiable information, site search, etc.


    Campaign tagging, Google Ads traffic, channels configuration, etc.


    This includes macro and micro conversions. E-commerce tracking, goals, goal funnels, events.


    Yeah, and more as there are many other factors in play.

    What you’ll get

    Analytics Audit Document

    A Google Analytics Audit document

    I’ll sent you a Google doc that you can access from any place or device. You can also easily share it with your team.

    Analytics Audit Consultation

    A follow-up consultation

    I want you get as much as you can from this Google Analytics audit.

    Analytics Audit Meaningful Data

    More meaningful data

    You will be able to see the correct data that you can rely on while making important business decisions.

    Ready to start? Let’s do it!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does this Google Analytics audit cost?

    The price will depend on your website type (eCommerce vs non-eCommerce), the number of properties and views you need to get audited.

    Will I be able to ask follow-up questions?

    Absolutely! We will set up a follow-up 30-minute consultation where you can ask questions about the audit.

    Can you implement the changes recommended in your Audit?

    Sure, I can do that.

    Why do I need a manual audit if I can use tools?

    All tools use a pre-defines set of rules which are not applicable to every situation. And none of the tools is capable of understanding the context behind each setting and tie to your business goal.

    Why Choose Me

    Why Choose Me Kristina Azarenko Analytics
    • I have 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing
    • I helped businesses to earn millions of dollars
    • I’ve completed all kinds of Analytics configurations for small and medium-sized businesses
    • I spend more time in Google Analytics than on my website
    • I hate misleading data and want to help you find and remove it from your Analytics
    • I completed a Google Analytics Individual Certification which proves I understand advanced Google Analytics concepts.
    • You can be sure that I’m the one doing the audit. Not some junior person with a checklist and little to no real experience like it often happens in agencies.
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