Kristina Azarenko - Women in Tech SEO speaker

The Deck from the #WTSFest 2020

The Framework Overview

Step 1: Complete the initial keyword research

Step 2: Analyze the existing filters and find those that will become the basis for the new indexable facets

Step 3: Define the rules for creating indexable facet pages

Step 4: Define the rules for canonicalization of the new facet pages

Step 5: Set internal linking to success

Step 6: Create Title & H1 tags templates

Step 7: Test everything

Step 8: Improve!

Organizer’s Feedback

[su_testimonial name=”Areej AbuAli” photo=”” company=”Organizer of the Women in Tech SEO Festival” url=”” class=”width640″]I highly recommend Kristina as a speaker for your conference! Kristina pitched to speak in a Women in Tech SEO meetup and I invited her to speak in our full day conference and she was brilliant. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce SEO world, her depth of knowledge and brilliant presentation delivery is next level. She sent a draft slide deck early on to ensure that it was aligned with the conference and was brilliant at meeting deadlines. Her talk was greatly received by the audience as it was full of actionable takeaways. It was an absolute pleasure having Kristina speak in the Women in Tech SEO Festival and I look forward to seeing her take on more conference stages and share her knowledge with the world![/su_testimonial]

The Community Feedback