Core Web Vitals Test

The Squid Game Edition
Core Web Vitals for the page:


Largest Contentful Paint



First Input Delay



Cumulative Layout Shift


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Your Questions Answered

How does this CWV tool get data?

The tool uses Chrome UX Report API to show the Core Web Vitals data for mobile. It works in the following way:
Step 1: The extension first checks Field data for a page. If it’s available, it’s shown in the tool.

Step 2: If Field data is not available, the Core Web Vitals tool checks for Origin Summary info. If it exists, the tool displays it. In this case, all metrics might be the same across all website pages since Origin Summary is the aggregate experience across all site pages.

Step 3: If neither Field Data nor Origin Summary exists, the tool returns ‘No info available.’.

I see ‘no info available’. Why?

It means that Chrome UX Report API does not have enough information about the website you’re checking (usually because there’s not a lot of traffic there).

Where can I get recommendations to improve my performance?

For recommendations and ways of improving the performance of your page, check Page Speed Insights